Almond cake with Toma’Chef and ricotta

Savoury almond cake with Toma'Chef tomatoes and ricotta


  • 4 eggs
  • 200 gr almond flour
  • 350 gr (goat)ricotta
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 10 gr basil
  • 2 x Toma’Chef basket of small coloured tomatoes (350 gr)
  • 120 gr mixed lettuce

Type of dish



  • Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  • Beat 2 eggs. For the pie base, mix the almond flour with 60 ml oil, the beaten eggs and about 50 gr ricotta cheese (see tip). Mix well until you get a firm ball. Grease the springform pan and line the bottom with a sheet of baking paper. Moisten your hands and press the dough well. Prick holes in the bottom with a fork and place 12 min. in the middle of the oven until the crust is (lightly) golden brown.
  • Peel and crush the garlic. Chop the basil and cut the Toma’Chef tomatoes in half. Mix the tomatoes with the balsamic vinegar, the garlic and the basil.
  • Remove the pie crust from the oven and leave to cool for 5 minutes.
  • Beat again two eggs. Mix the remaining ricotta with the eggs, salt and black pepper.
  • Spoon the ricotta over the pie crust, arrange the Toma’Chef tomatoes on top and drizzle with some olive oil.
  • Put the tomato pie in the oven for another 15-20 min.
  • Serve the tomato pie with the mixed salad. Bon appetit!

Recipe made by Foodbag and Sandra Bekkari