Shake it and take it

The Toma’Shaker is sustainable on-the-go packaging containing tomatoes for people who want to enjoy their daily hectic life and a healthy snack. The Toma’Shaker is available in two sizes, large (350 grams) and small (175 grams), and is always filled to the brim with sweet, fresh and crisp snack tomatoes. This packaging is available containing cherry tomatoes of various colours but can also be filled with our new and improved Santa tomatoes.

The kraft paper shaker is compostable and the flat top is handy and now contains even less plastic. The Toma’Shaker is good for you and good for the environment.

100% natural, 100% taste and 100% Stoffels

  • Black tomatoes (brix: 8+ / fruit weight 15 grams)
  • Yellow tomatoes (brix: 9+ / fruit weight 12 – 14 grams)
  • Red tomatoes (brix: 10+ / fruit weight 13 grams)
  • Orange tomatoes (brix: 10+ / fruit weight 12 -14 grams)
  • 3-kilo pack – no separate compartments
  • Composition can be changed according to client requirements

Serving suggestions