Shake it and take it

Our Toma’Shake is a handy bowl-shaped tomato shaker filled with delicious snack tomatoes. The Toma’ Shake is handy for taking with you wherever you go. It won’t open accidentally, as it has a specially shaped lid with resealable sticker. This combination of four types of refreshing, fruity and sweet tomatoes is a real taste bomb!

100% natural, 100% taste and 100% Stoffels

  • Black tomatoes (brix: 8+ / fruit weight 15 grams)
  • Yellow tomatoes (brix: 9+ / fruit weight 12 – 14 grams)
Red tomatoes (brix: 10+ / fruit weight 13 grams)
  • Orange tomatoes (brix: 10+ / fruit weight 12 -14 grams)
  • 3-kilo pack – no separate compartments
  • Composition can be changed according to client requirements

Serving suggestions