Muse of taste

Toma’Muse is an outstanding tomato variety thanks to its unique taste and shape. Its flavour can be described as sweet and spicy that strengthens while eating. Consumers often compare it with a glass of good wine. The most distinctive characteristic is its plume shaped look caring a deep purple red colour. Its firm structure and crunchy bite make it an ideal kitchen tomato. Toma’Muse is easy to slice and does not lose a lot of juice. Perfect for a colourful salad or an attractive dish grilled in the oven. The consumer packaging always comes with a delicious “Toma’Rinade”, a marinade based on oil, sea salt and rosemary.

100% natural, 100% taste and 100% Stoffels

  • Plum-shaped tomato
  • Purple-red colour
  • Rich taste
  • Sweet and spicy
  • Solid structure
  • Crisp bite
  • 25grams fruit weight
  • Brix up to 9

Toma’Muse is available in 3kg, 1.5kg and 250g packagings.

Serving suggestions