A kid’s favourite

The Toma’Mini is a drop-shaped sweet mini-tomato. The ready-to-eat sized tomato makes it especially suited as a snack for children and a good snack when on the go. The sturdy, environmentally friendly cardboard packaging holds 175 grams, which is approximately 20 cherry tomatoes.

The Toma’Mini is an organic vegetable that has been cultivated based on the circular economy principles. This cherry tomato can, therefore, be eaten without rinsing first and the impact on the environment of growing the Toma’Mini is limited. These cherry tomatoes are a healthy and delicious treat.

Sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes packaged in a sturdy cardboard recyclable bio-based package to take them on the road, no plastic added.

A responsible temptation!

“Join us! Reduce plastic!”

100% taste, 100% natural and 100% Stoffels!

  • Brix 9
  • Fruit weight ± 10 grams
  • Deliciously sweet
  • Wonderfully juicy
  • 175 g packaging

Serving suggestions