King of taste

Toma’Dor is the king of taste within our assortment. This cherry tomato stands head and shoulders above the rest thanks to its unparalleled flavour. Surprisingly sweet and sparkling! With its bite-size and irresistible character,, this cherry tomato raises snacks and salads to a higher level. And thanks to the stylish bags, you can also offer this sweet snack as a gift.

100% natural, 100% taste and 100% Stoffels

  • Brix: 10+
  • Fruit weight: 13 grams
  • Long shelf-life
  • Display box met Toma’Dor bags 12 X 350 grams
  • 200 grams in recyclable boxes and flowpacks
  • 300 grams in recyclable boxes and flowpacks
  • 3-kilo packs with corresponding batch labels

Serving suggestions