During visits to supermarkets and greengrocers in recent years we noticed an increase in popularity of the self-service concept. Colourful product presentations draw attention. And giving customers the chance to choose the products they want increases their confidence in the products.

But there are also disadvantages to the self-service concept. Products are dropped on the ground and can no longer be sold for consumption, the crates in which the products are presented often look uninspiring and the fact that everyone can finger and sample the products is particularly unhygienic. Food safety is a top priority for us, but in the stores, tomatoes are widely ‘touched and tested’ by customers.

Stoffels Tomatoes has found the solution for this and gives customers the chance to choose the quantity and colours of the cherry tomatoes they want. Product loss is reduced to a minimum and the whole process is extremely hygienic. It is with great pride therefore that we present to you the Stoffels Automato.

Bite-sized snack!

Thanks to the Automato, you can choose the quantity and colour of tomatoes that you want. You place the beaker under the Automato of the colour that you want. You turn the wheel and approximately six tomatoes fall into the beaker. Is yellow your favourite flavour or do you prefer a bright and cheerful mixture? The choice is yours!

Fun and healthy!

Tomatoes contain a host of good ingredients including lycopene (responsible for the colour of tomatoes), as well as vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and B6. They are also excellent antioxidants. Tomatoes are made up of around 95% water, which means that they are excellent for the digestion. Thanks to their sweet taste, cherry tomatoes also make an ideal healthy snack.

NATURally these tomatoes!

We grow our tomatoes with a heart for nature. We use organic products to combat diseases and insects, we recycle rainwater to water our tomatoes and we grow plants on coconut fibre, a waste product from the coconut industry.


In the greenhouses and the packaging department, hygiene is of crucial importance. And we have interpreted this aspect in the form of an in-store solution. Thanks to the Automato, there are no more squashed tomatoes lying on the ground in supermarkets. And you can be sure that no other customers have fingered and tested the tomatoes that you take home with you.

Simple to use

Using the Automato is extremely simple: when you turn the wheel, around six tomatoes fall into the beaker. The automatic dispenser is made out of several units containing a different colour of cherry tomato. Our invention also takes shop staff into consideration. Filling the automatic dispenser is done by simply changing the Toma’Box dispenser. This Toma’Box can also be used at home as a handy home dispenser on your kitchen counter.

Thanks to the cheerful, colourful design, the Automato can also tempt children pop a healthy snack into their mouths.

The Stoffels Automato is an original, sustainable and innovative concept and, as such, fits in perfectly with the philosophy of our company.